Courses Available From Avanti Transit

Confined Spaces Training Courses

If you have staff working in confined spaces this training is essential. Confined Spaces training includes entry requirements, working in cramped conditions, emergency awareness and self-rescue procedures.

Working With Chlorine

Learn more about exactly what chlorine is, its properties, its positives and its negatives. Working with Chlorine training will include safe handling, safe storage and delivery systems.

National Water Hygiene

Ensuring the water your deliver is clean and hygienic is vital and this course will expand on some of the risks entailed in poor water hygiene management prior to giving training in storage, transportation, pipe handling, personal hygiene and clothing. We are currently running National Water Hygiene Card courses in Gloucestershire.

Safety Health & Environmental Awareness Passport (SHEA Water Passport) Training

Specifically designed for water companies, this course covers everything from risk assessment, physical hazards, sewerage, the environment and hazards to health.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Water jetting training is aimed at ensuring you understand the recommended safety guidelines and how to implement them so that your staff and members of the public are not put at risk.

Safe Isolation & De-ragging of Sewage Pumps

A course aimed at sewerage workers, this training will help you identify pump failure. It also covers risk assessment, control measures and safe systems of working.

First Line Maintenance (Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation) Water Production & Distribution Network Operatives

Covering many different aspects of working in the water industry, please call for more information on this tailor made course.

Emergency First Aid Courses

Every workplace is required to have competent first aiders, and Avanti Transit provides first aid courses for all levels.

Vacuum Tanker

Work with tankers transporting liquid waste? This training course will give you all the knowledge you require to load and transport substances safely. You will also be given training on how to safely operate and maintain the unit.

To book a training course with Avanti Transit call: 01684 296 689